There is a sewing life beyond the big 4!

If you’ve come across from my other blog, you will know I have an embarrassing amount of fabric, but I have never really fessed up to the amount of patterns I own – it’s also embarrassing.

I gave an awful lot away earlier in the year after I had a private consultation with an image consultant.  Once she got over the shock of seeing fabric and patterns rather than physical clothes we had a great time!

So this post is really related to patterns and how I have never, ever, purchased outside the big 4 – and most of those are Vogue.  There’s a fair few by Mcalls and a couple of  Kwik Sew patterns that I have only recently purchased since they were added to the Vogue/Butterick/Mcalls business.  My recent “discovery” is Burda – they fit me well and appear to have a better approach to fitting the modern woman’s shape.

Of course I have read a lot about Sewaholic patterns – everyone appears to have great success with them and as I am a pear-shape then they should be perfect for me.  So I stuck my toe in the water and purchased the following patterns from


Perfect for my pear-shape?  time will 1301_sewaholic_robson_envelope-fronttell

I am really keen to start the Robson Trenchcoat and have purchased some Liberty Cotton Twill and a meter of polycotton to make my own bias-binding (sorry no pic of that as yet).  I must re-read everyone’s thoughts on this because it’s a new pattern company to me and I’m really not sure about the sizing.  Of course I will make a toile first, the Liberty fabric cost a bomb….. you need so much meterage for this coat.

Liberty For Robson Trench

A bit “My Little Pony?!

And today, quite by accident, I came across this pattern company based in Denmark.  Onion Patterns are really my cup of tea – so I stuck another toe in the water and bought these two:

Onion Coat

Onion Dress pattern

It will be interesting to see how long they take to arrive.  The two patterns cost just under £20 including tax and postage.  That’s good value in my book.  I’ll document my findings as I work through these patterns but as I have have a couple of things to make for work first (two blouses and a skirt – yes, they are Vogue patterns)  they will drop into my Autumn sewing plan.

Have a great weekend all