Learning to crochet in Kilbrin

For as many years as I care to remember I have wanted to be able to crochet. I can do a mean granny square, but don’t know what stitch I’m using, and lets face it, there are only so many blankets you can make!

So on our holiday to Ireland last week, I took my crochet hook, a ball or two of double knit, and a lovely little book that I picked up cheaply from The Book People (they drop off a selection of books at the workplace and you get the book a couple of days later).  It’s beautifully written with some super projects. I was disappointed at first that there were only a few beginner projects, but once I worked through the first one, I moved straight on to a scarf which is aimed at “improvers”.  What do you think?  A work in progress, but I’m delighted with it so far.



I am amazed at how quickly crochet comes together and can see myself becoming seriously hooked (sorry!)

** Updated to add the book!

Author Nicki Trench


Our trip to Ireland was blessed with the best weather ever! look at those blue sky’s, hardly a cloud in sight and at 29 degrees a bit of a record for North Cork. Ian helped his Uncle David bring in the hay. He uses the small square bales as they are easier for him to manage.  Want to take a look?



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